InGoal Magazine May 2016 Issue : Page 36

CCM also re-designed this taller cowling used on the Ribcor skate from the previous RBZ version, changing the manufacturing process after research showed that the previous dual-injection process left instability in the middle of the blade holder. In addition to using single-injection now, the blade holder is notably thicker now to ensure stability and durability. The Ribcor cowling has the same attack angle as the RBZ cowling from last season, which is still almost 6 degrees better than the cowling used in the original Reebok “K” series. The new CCM goalie skate combination provides a nice mix of options to fit every preference, offering a more aggressive option in the Tacks and a traditional fit and feel in the Ribcor. THE RIBCOR 50K COWLING HAS THE SAME ATTACK ANGLE AS THE RBZ MODEL THAT PRECEDED IT, BUT THE MANUFACTURING PROCESS HAS BEEN CHANGED AND THE BLADE RUNNER THICKENED TO ELIMINATE ANY WEAKNESSES ON THE BOTTOM AND TOE. 36 / INGOAL MAGAZINE MAY 2016

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