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3 Dry gloves on a moment’s notice In the NHL, there is a glove dryer outside every dressing room for players and goalies alike, and yet a lot of goaltenders still switch into a dry glove between periods. Now the rest of us can do the same. And while not all goalies need a fresh, dry palm in between periods, having a spare to swap between games can sure come in handy dur-ing tournaments in which you are playing more than once a day, often with a short turnaround and with little or no chance to get home and put it on the drying rack in the garage. 4 5 not all hanDs are the same size The ability to change the palm in the block-er also means goalies can change the size, with three options: Medium, Large and XL. longevity The original intent of the removable palms remains a strong feature. Not only can you take them out to clean and dry between games, but the palms can also be replaced as they begin to wear out. And since that’s usually the first thing to break down, es-pecially on a blocker, the ability to put in a new palm should add years to the life of the gloves. As for taking out the palm of the glove, it’s a pretty straightforward process, with both the finger cover and the hard plastic over the thumb opened up easily with a couple of Velcro-based tabs. From there it’s a series of additional Vel-cro attachments that easily come off and on. And Smith and company were careful to put the softer “loop” Velcro, which wears out faster than the harder “hook” side, on the removable palm portion, meaning any wear and tear is gone when it’s replaced. 18 / InGoal MaGazIne deceMber 2013

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