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Optimus meets Jesus on James Re fans-and-faith mask by Kevin Woodley T oronto’s surprise Rookie James Reimer has made no shortage of headlines with his stellar play this season—and for the inspiring story of his rise from fourth-round pick and ECHL afterthought to playoff run hero for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Reimer himself once called his journey from small town Manitoba to the Maple Leafs a miracle. The 23-year-old has certainly inspired faith from the fans—and he recognizes both his faith and his fans on his masks. Toronto’s fans get their tribute in his newest mask, which is much like the old one with the exception of adding on a small modified Transformers symbol to the right cheek. It’s a play on the Optimus Reim nickname given to him by a fan who began selling t-shirts with it (and the symbol) on his Pucking Hilarious website. Reimer has embraced his fans, and told Globe and Mail reporter James Mirtle he is even considering a completely Transformer-themed mask for next season. As for the faith, that’s something the religious Reimer has always embraced. From growing up in a small Mennonite community like Morweena, to tending goal for the Maple Leafs, Reimer wears it proudly. It’s right there on the back of his current mask, which also features a pond hockey game from his youth on one side, and Hockey Night in Canada icons Don Cherry and Ron MacLean on the other. The guy on the backplate is a little more famous, though. 8 InGoal Magazine Summer Camp Edition

Optimus meets Jesus on James Reimer's fans-and-faith mask

Kevin Woodley

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