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TECHNIQUE The Decision Making Zone Taking Control of the Breakaway and Shootout BY STEFAN NICHOLS THE KEY TO STOPPING BREAKAWAYS IS ISOLATING AND UNDERSTANDING THE EXACT SPOT ON THE ICE A GOALTENDER NEEDS TO MAKE THEIR SAVE SELECTION, WHILE ALSO FORCING THE SHOOTER TO MAKE THEIR DECISION. PHOTO BY SCOTT SLINGSBY During the electrifying 2016 NHL regular season, the hockey world was reminded of the value of dominant goaltending and timely saves. However, the one save that could change the momentum of the game remained one of the most inconsistent: The breakaway. It’s one of the few individual plays in a team game where the crowd is silenced awaiting a duel of skill and wit between two elite athletes. Many believe the breakaway is the most exciting play in hockey because nobody ever really knows how the duel will end until the puck is saved or crosses the goal line. After the 2005 lockout, the breakaway was considered so thrilling and unpredictable the NHL adopted the shootout to increase its fan base, eliminate ties and declare a winner for every league game. The addition of the shootout was a controversial change with significant goaltending implications. Not only did goalies need to withstand the added mental stress of maintaining a tie game but now as a reward for their efforts, they would have to face a INGOALMAG.COM / 41

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