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Review: Warrior Ritual Goal Stick by David Hutchison Solid test results have us sold on composite Product Tested Warrior Ritual Goal Stick 26” Paddle Lie 14 Curve “Quick” Weight: 1 lb. 12 oz Key features: “Shocka” vibration dampener in shaft Thin 6mm blade for improved control Recommendation: Ideal for a goaltender of any age looking for an extra edge to bring their game to the next level. C omposite sticks have be-come so dominant in the game today that you would have to look as far down as novice hockey or the stick rack at your lo-cal Canadian Tire to get a glimpse of a wood one today. Composite has changed the game so that at the upper levels everyone has a danger-ous shot. And still, despite the efforts of many manufac-turers they remain relatively scarce in the hands of the modern pro goalkeeper. A few, such as Jose Theodore and Ondrej Pavelec use compos-ite, but they are by far the minority. Warrior may be just getting started at the pro level with their gear, but you’ll see Warrior goal sticks all across the league. Keepers who remain faithful to their sponsors with pads, gloves and more are often seen with a Warrior Swagger in their hands, going “off-brand” with the most important tool in their kit for stopping shots and controlling rebounds. Reasons typically cited for wood or foam-core maintaining its position in the market include: Cost -The high end composite goal stick may sell for $220 or more per stick. 26 InGoal Magazine February 2012

Review: Warrior Ritual Goal Stick

David Hutchison

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