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Activation of the Hands Improves a lot More than Just the Gloves By Sean Murray T here’s been a lot of talk about today’s evolution of goaltending at all levels away from the all “blocking” style to more of a “hybrid “save style, and a lot of the focus right now—right up to the NHL level—is on the ac-tivation of goalies’ hands. Hand position is a hot topic, with more and more goalies — Vancouver Canucks’ No.1 Roberto Luongo is a prime example this season the only improvement this adjustment will bring to your game. It’s not even the most important improvement. In addition to more active gloves, a forward hand position will immensely improve both body balance and your puck tracking abilities because your shoulders and head also remain in a more “forward” position. This enables a positive (forward) drop into the butterfly, en-couraging both the eyes and body to move into saves, rather than tensing both up and away from pucks in the old blocking style. We will also learn about how goalies like Luon-go have adapted to this change in their game, hands moved forward and out in front of their and how it’s helped them, as a way of demon-body. strating the things you will need to do adapt The hands are more agile and explosive from in your stance in order to play this more active here, but it’s important to recognize that’s not style. — getting their elbows off their hips, and their Note that in the Blocking Mode sequence the shoulders tend to turn and open up when raising the gloves, which also tend to lose their “squareness” to the puck trajectory. Also note how far the head has to turn. 14 InGoal Magazine February 2012

Activation of the Hands Improves a lot More than Just the Gloves

Sean Murray

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